3 more top warehouse organisation rules

1.A greener warehouse is a better organised warehouse

The green mantra of “reuse, reduce and recycle” can not only help you to reduce your carbon footprint, it can also point the way to a much better organised warehouse.

First of all, reuse wherever possible. As many as half of all pallets are thrown away after a single use. Take a look at your warehouse throughput and see whether you could be reusing more of your pallets. Look too, at the amount of unnecessary waste that you generate and try to eliminate it. Clear all the clutter that is stopping people working smoothly and efficiently – it’s also possibly posing a trips and falls danger.

As part of your effort to reduce clutter in the warehouse, look at recycling. There’s a much wider range of things that can be recycled now – are there any items such as packaging that can be reused, donated or recycled?

2. Safety training makes for a more efficient workforce

Many employers look on safety training as purely a tick in the box activity that will work in their favour if there’s an accident on site and will reduce their insurance premium. However, safety training has a lot more benefits than that and can really pay off as a business investment.

For example, staff working with industrial shelving in Ireland https://www.rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving for example, have benefited from the Health and Safety Authority’s website which can be used to identify possible safety hazards in their warehouse and take action to prevent accidents before they occur. Using the website is a great way to build staff engagement with the safety agenda –


3. Take a second look at your warehouse configuration

As warehouses get busier, the original warehouse design may no longer be appropriate.

Take a second look at whether the process flow through the warehouse is as efficient as it could be. Assess whether you have the correct types of shelving and storage for the goods that you are currently processing. Go right back to the blueprint and consider whether you can squeeze more storage out of your current floor space by changing the type of racking or shelving that you are using.

Follow these tips and you’re on your way to a better organised warehouse.