A Beginner’s Guide to Festival Fashion

Having bagged yourself Glastonbury tickets at the end of last year, the waiting game is almost over, but are you prepared for the festival season and, more to the point, are you prepared for the inevitable change in weather? Here are some essential items to ensure, come rain or shine, you and your faves are festival ready.

So it’s ultimately time for you to connect to the festival rush! Well, festivals in the moment are stupefying – but people ignore to state the strain that comes with uncoordinated throwing together clothes since you didn’t schedule out every attire ahead of time and with exactness. It’s ok, it’s a beginner mistake, and we’ve all been there. So, to keep away feeling like a hot disorder, we’ve collated the final festival guide to sketch everything you require to put on this season, beginning with the basics and finishing up with the vogues.

1. Wellies

We must be prepared for the rain and the mud that ensues. Wellies are chic these days, so make sure you’re on trend with a cute little three-quarter pair in a striking pastel colour that complements the rest of your outfit. Don’t forget the obligatory strappy sandals as well – you never know when they might come in handy.

3. Glitter and Face Paint

There’s nothing like glitter and face paint to get you in the party mood. Your festival experience will not be the same without getting covered in it from head to toe. Don’t forget to wear plaits – that way if you’re stuck for a shower, no one need know you’re having a really bad hair day.

2. Maxi Dresses

Do not leave home without one. Whatever the weather, this is a classic festival staple. Go for cute shoulder straps or bardot. That way you can match it with a sweater or mac if the weather takes a change for the worse. Choosing a thigh-split style will offer versatility on the off chance you’re blessed with sunshine. Some perfect styles can be found at https://www.axparis.com/collections/maxi-dresses.

4. Plastic Clear Raincoat

Do you really want to join the ranks of the £1 plastic poncho brigade? Well then, find a stylish clear mac or raincoat and your cute strappy maxi dresses will still be on display. Match it with a small clear tote to carry some make-up essentials. After the downpour you can touch up your lippy and look as glam as ever.

5. Shells

Shells are all the rage this year, so make sure you accessorise your outfit with shell earrings, a shell necklace and a shell bracelet or armband. Shells have been used for jewellery for 42,000 years. It doesn’t get much more vintage than that.

Now you’re all set. All there is left to do now is don your best travel outfit, fill up the car, pick up your BFFs and you’re off – just don’t forget the tickets.

When buying for festival fashions, you’ll observe plenty of knit and embroidery. Embroidery tops offer a simple bohemian look while a knit, wooly jacket includes a bit of richness aptitude.