A Crucial Guidance to Get Visitor Visa Canada 

Canada is the most sought after tourist destination for the worldwide tourists. The natural beauty and diversity of the nation attracts thousands of visitors round the year. If you are also planning for a vacation in Canada, then ensure to acquire the Visitor Visa Canada as it is mandatory for visiting the nation for vacation or for leisure. The tourist visitor visa will allow the person to travel across Canada for a maximum time period of 3-6 months at a span. But, this visitor visa only allows the visitors to visit the nation for tourism purpose and they can’t seek or undergo any employment with this visa.

The Basic Requirements for Visitor Visa Canada

You can only apply for the Visit Visa in Canada if you produce the supporting documents with the application. Some of the documents that must be supported with the visa application form are:

  • Valid passport
  • You must be free from immigration frauds and criminal records
  • Produce valid reason for visiting Canada
  • Be in good health condition
  • Wealth and resources to cover your expenses during the stay
  • Convince the immigration officer that you will leave the nation before the termination of the visa.

Applying for Visitor Visa Canada

There are basically two different ways to apply for the Visitor Visa Canada.

Electronic Travel Authorization or eTA

eTA is basically linked to your passport electronically and it is valid for the first five years or until your passport is expired. The process to apply for Canada tourist or visitor visa through eTA is very affordable and easy online process. You need to have valid passport, credit card and email address to complete the formalities online. The eTA authorization will be granted within 24 hours of form submission online.

Visit Visa in Canada – Processes

Online – To apply for the visitor visa for Canada you need to have the digital copies of the following documents, valid employment report, educational certificates, medical records, financial standing records and more. All these documents are required to be uploaded along with the copy of passport while submitting the visa application and payment should be done online using credit card.

Paper Application – The second process is paper application. This is the offline method where you need to download the application package online and fill out the details in the form and submit the application by enclosing the application with other supporting documents mentioned above. You need to pay the application fees through certified cheque or bank draft. After the payment is done, you need to submit the application at the visa office of Canada in your country and wait till you get the approval for the Visitor Visa Canada.

The Process of Visitor Visa Canada

Most of the visitors or tourist visa for Canada is processed in 10-15 days and the time for processing the application depends on the immigration office or the immigration officer. The officer reviews the application to ensure that it is complete and accompanies all the required documents.