An overview of Rowan County Bail Bonds

Have you got an emergency call telling you that your loved one is behind bars?  Well, you will try your best to get your loved one home safely. Now, you do not need to panic because you can opt for rowan county bail bonds.

People get arrested all the time, irrespective of it being day or night. An arrest takes place when some illegal thing has been done. Basically, the police will conduct an investigation of the crime that has taken place and then the alleged criminal will be taken into custody when the evidence has been proved. Sometimes, the criminal is also taken into custody for further investigation with respect to the crime.

rowan county bail bonds

What is the bail?

The term bail implies that a certain amount of money that is being specified by the severity of the offenses that has been allegedly committed. This amount needs to be paid by the defendant so that he or she can be released during the period of the criminal case. If the person is not granted bail, then he or she has to be behind bars for the entire time until the case has been solved.

So, basically, this bail will act like insurance which makes sure that the defendant will return for all the dates of the court.

The types of bonds that will help you get out of jail:

  • Cash Bail
  • Property bond
  • Surety bond

What happens when a person is taken into jail?

So, when a person was taken into jail, that person will be booked in jail. The booking process will include an examination of the health, background check, the information that is being put into the system, collection of personal items among the other specific jail related processes that each jail will look after. After this is done, an amount for the bail will be set. This amount will either depend on the schedule of the bail or will be decided by a judge. The amount for the bail will be based on the severity of the offense that is committed by the person and if there is any criminal history of the defendant.