Australia Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass- 489 – Way To Australia

Willing to work in Australia on temporary basis but got visa queries? This article will bring you content about ideal visa type to work in foreign country on temporary basis. If you wish to work in Australia, you can apply for job under Australia skilled nominated visa subclass- 489.

Australia skilled nominated visa subclass 489

The skilled nominated visa subclass 489 is provisional 4 year work scheme in which the visa holders can live and work in Australia for four years. However, you will be required to choose occupation based upon your skills from the occupation list of Australia and also the sponsorship from territory of staying you will be residing in to work. The best thing about visa 489 is that it gives you a pathway towards being permanent resident of Australia; if you are residing in any region of Australia from more than two years and will be residing for at least one more year. You can apply to obtain permanent residency of Australia under visa sub class 489 if you can get sponsorship from the government of the region (where you want to live) or any of your relatives (who is already a resident of Australia).

Advantages of 489 visa Australia

  • If you are applying for job under 489 visa Australia, these are the few benefits that you will get:
  • You can reside in Australia for a time period of four years.
  • You will hold the authority to work and study in Australia
  • You will be allowed to bring your family and relatives with you.
  • You will have freedom to travel in or out of Australia as long as your visa is valid.
  • The best part of visa 489 is you can apply for permanent residence

Application requirements

If you are willing to apply under sub class 489 visa Australia, you should be fulfilling the requirements listed below.

  • Any person who is under age of 50 is eligible to apply.
  • You will need to submit your health and mental well being certificate as part of application process.
  • You will be required to give your work experience proof (for the job you have applied)
  • You must hold any of the skills/job experience which is listed in consolidated skilled occupation list of Australia.
  • You need to pass their assessment test which considers factors like work experience, age, education, skills, English proficiency etc.
  • Getting sponsorship from territory/region you will be residing in is mandatory (you will be required to apply for sponsorship first)
  • You have to submit an expression of internet via online portal.

The assessment test is based on point system, in which you will be given points according to your age, work experience and skills etc. if you score 60 or above, you will consider being eligible for 489 visa Australia. Australia skilled nominated visa subclass -489 can really prove to be boon for you if you are planning to move Australia permanently or just for job.