Bridge Works – Executive Working Space

Bridgeworks coworking NY Executive Suites is an awesome executive working space facility spanning over a 16000 sq. feet area.  This location is very close to the beach within the reach of a bike ride, easily accessible to main transport options to reach New York City.

These days remote working is the mantra for employees and entrepreneurs who want to avoid braving the traffic, snow and want to spend quality time at work and with family.

A lot of clients who are into business want to work from neutral places without traveling to the client’s office or having to set up or work from their own office.  Given the option of flexible shared spaces it’s a beautiful idea to work from a space which is neither too far nor at home.  This option helps employees to work from an independent space, which has all the facilities of an office and has an additional option of networking with peer groups.

Bridgeworks Executive working spaces:

This facility is spacious, easily accessible, has all the amenities of an office and comes with zero maintenance cost at a nominal price.  This facility is a blessing in disguise for any business, budding entrepreneur who wants to network or a startup crew working hard to make their mark.

The benefits every member enjoys is a reception facility, comfortably lounges, indoor showers, furnished offices, whiteboards and all the equipment needed to run a complete office.

Bridgeworks coworking NY offers 3 co-working packages:

Basic co-working:  Comes with 8 hours of access to office space 5 days a week, a mailing address facility for routing mail, option of booking conference rooms at an additional cost of 25 USD per hour.  All this at a nominal price of 45 USD a month.

Unlimited co-working:Comes with unlimited access to workspace 24X7.  Includes mail and office address, free conference room for 3 hours a month, occasional guest’s accommodation.  All this at a nominal price of 450 USD a month.

Private offices:  This is a brilliant option for clients who want a dedicated private office with all the facilities of a mainstream office.  This option includes everything from Unlimited co-working plus 3 additional hours of conference room per month, dedicated private lockable space.  This costs anywhere from 750 USD to 3000 USD per month.

The icing on the cake:  The above working spaces are available with perks like high speed internet, unlimited printing facility, free coffee, tea, water, access and inclusion into networking events, usage of media and entertainment rooms, mailbox facilities, flexible arrangement to divide the working hours, dedicated parking spots, bike racks and surfboard storage.

This facility is so much better than any regular office space in terms of amenities offered, locational advantages, parking spaces and the pricing includes all the amenities and still works out to be a pocket-friendly one.

Apart from the above, the facility also offers Virtual, Entrepreneur, Weekend and Non-Profit packages to suit a wide variety of clients.  Pricing for these options can be obtained on request.

Bridgeworks is a perfect name for a facility which bridges the gap between work and home providing all the perks of remote working option.