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An evaporative cooler (also swamp cooler, desert cooler and damp air cooler) is a machine that chills air through the evaporation of water. Evaporative cooling differs from standard air conditioning systems, which use vapour-compression or absorption refrigeration periods. An air cooler is an extraordinary device that is adopted for cooling down surroundings in rooms that have a warm or hot atmosphere in general. These coolers are easy to purchase and are being used in countless homes in the world these days due to the fact that they provide high-end cooling at all times. There are three types of coolers. I have mentioned below

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An evaporative cooler is a machine that cools air by the evaporation of water. Evaporative cooling varies from regular air conditioning systems, which use vapour-compression or absorption refrigeration periods. Evaporative cooling controlled by utilizing water’s large energy of vaporization. This can cool air using enough limited energy than refrigeration. In greatly dry climates, evaporative cooling of air has the combined benefit of conditioning the air including extra moisture for the relief of building occupants.

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In a desert cooler, the water in it is caused to evaporate. This guides to consumption of energy from the surroundings, thereby cooling the surroundings. Again, we know that evaporation depends on the amount of water vapour present in air (humidity). If the amount of water vapor present in air is less, then evaporation is more. On a hot dry day, the amount of water vapor present in air is less. Thus, water present in the desert cooler evaporates sufficient, thereby cooling the encircling extra. That is why a desert cooler cools excellently on a warm dry day.

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The Compact Cooler Series is a space-saving, retrofit table roof-top air-conditioning device for cooling the driver’s cabin and tourist section of all vehicles with cabin volumes up to 10 m³. The Compact Cooler 4 E describes a fair solution with an integrated electrical motor which makes the system’s own compressor with the cooperation of a V-belt.

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Buying Air Coolers Price in India online is very easy. Go to Google, Yahoo, or any search engine that you usually use and type in Air coolers online. You will see dozens of companies that will sell them directly to you. Then tell your contractor that you will purchase the Equipment and only need the installation price. This forces them to charge you for only the installation price and not the additional mark-up on the cooler. If you do this you will save a lot of money.

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The only sounds you hear while the new symphony DiET 12T is functioning are the comments of appreciation. Greatly energy effective and simply mobile with its multi-directional wheels, it is the go-to cooler for smaller places and tighter spaces. Good things come in small packages.

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Product Dimension: 460mm x 340mm x 660mmAlways allow for CROSS-VENTILATION in your room, else cooler won’t work effectively. Air Throw Distance: 35 feet, Cooling Media: Honey comb evaporative pads Very economical, consumes less power, cools room uniformly, faster and easy to install.