Common Plumbing System Problems & How You Can Avoid Them

Plumbing issue might seem not-worth to pay that way much attention when hearing about it. But they can even make a hole in your pocket if not fixed at right time. Here, the most common plumbing system issues are being listed on and the simple ways to avoid them.

  • Backflow

To put in simple words, Backflow is actually the reverse flow of wasted water coming through the clean water lines. It means the clean water will also get contaminated and it cannot be used to drink or any other kitchen related work. If you have been coming across this issue, call the professional immediately since this dirty water can lead towards serious health hazards because of being contaminated with chemicals, fertilizer, pesticides, feces etc. Generally, backflow happens at cross-connections in between potable and non-potable water lines in any area.

To avoid this happening, a backflow prevention device can be used coming up with a pair of mechanical check values quite useful to prevent dirty water to enter into the clean water supply line. If backflow prevention device is properly installed by the professional, you will not face Backflow issue in future. A backflow prevention device keeps drinking water safe and clean. If you are already having backflow prevention device, then you should also emphasize over annual backflow testing and repairing so this device keeps working accurately.

  • Leaks

Talking about other prominent plumbing system issues, it is a leaking pipe. And saying would not wrong that it is regarded as the most expensive plumbing problem if not fixed at the right time. There could be different issues behind leakage in the pipe such as foundation shifts, Tree Roots, Corrosion, High Water Pressure, and Temperature Change.

It should not be ignored and you should call the professionals immediately. Circumventing leakage issue can lead issues such as poor water quality, stained walls, flooding, and invasive black mould and so on. To avoid serious leaking issues, you need to make sure that installed pipes are being inspected and maintained on regular basis. And it must be done before the kicking off the winter season.

  • Poorly installed pipes

Pipes need to be getting installed sophisticatedly otherwise it will lead to major issues.  Overtightened and lose fittings can cause leakage oriented issues. Therefore, you should not get indulged in the DIY process of installing pipes. It would be right to call the professional service provider. They have the proper equipment, tools, and experience to install pipe in the right way. They know what size or type of pipe should be installed for proper service.

  • Plumbing Disasters In Your Home

Plumbing disasters cannot be predicted and therefore you need to stay awake. Keep checking and having an inspection done by a professional plumber. The fact cannot be ignored that timely done inspection keep you safe from facing any major plumbing disaster in your home. To avoid plumbing disaster, you need to use plumbing a bit wisely, time-to-time pipe and drain cleaning, water heater repairs, and updates.

Make sure that you have hired the professional plumbing service provider since they do have enormous experience and can fix the issues within a short span of time.