Dr Ganesh Ramalingam a man of wonders and care taker

Dr ganesh ramalingam of G & L surgical clinic has sparkled out his long way and it situated in Sembawang. At present, he feels that his home acts as the best surgical theatre and bonding into the precise scalpel that makes use with the great finesse and it cares as they had expertly performs up the keyhole surgeries.

He is specialized in the Bariatric surgery that includes the life changing procedures as like the Laparoscopic adjustable gastric bandings, Laparoscopic adjustments gastric bandings and the other laparoscopic rouex en Y gastric bypass inserted endoscopic.

About his life

He would start up his day fresh and active by 6 am through performing the scopes and this cater to the patient’s comfortable situation that would prevent them from the fasting and waiting for too long. It is followed up with the ward rounds that are used for checking out the patients in recovering well. The most important thing is that he also would take the time out for his populated schedules for personally answering the queries and for reassure the patients along with the families and its understandings. He feels that the gratitude sees in these patients eyes once fully recovered for boosting up the power up.  The scope procedures would be physically as well as emotionally demanded based on the time that have been taken for understanding out it. He moreover enjoys his work and he is extremely passionate about his practice as the general surgeon.