E-filing GST return is possible; submit your tax return today

We are living in an age of technology where everything is becoming online. From shopping, to buying foods, everything is digital now. Indian government issues GST from 1st July 2017, any business enterprises coming under GST act has to pay the due GST to the government. Since the acceptance of GST bill, it has been in huge contradiction of getting the same success or failure. The benefits of GST are known to people, but at the same time, the implementation and process for filing must be clear to all those who have got GST number. Nowadays there is also the facility of e-filing of returns where one just needs to feed the data on the appropriate site, and same will be loaded to the concerned department. Therefore, for each business operator, it is much required to know the process and its effects as far as e-filing of return is concerned.

E-filing GST return

This process is also known as GST returns filing. On the other hand, a return is a document comprising details of income which a taxpayer is required to file to the tax administrative authorities. This file is used by the tax authorities to calculate the overall GST. No matter if it’s a manufacturer or a salesman or a consumer, under GST act everyone should file their GST return and clear the due on time. With everything digital, the Indian government has made filing GST return online. You don’t have to go to any government office to file your GST; you can do this by sitting in front of a computer with internet enabled on it, it’s called E-filing GST return. The process is pretty simple and compact. One should know about different type of GST section; each section possesses a different due date than another. For example, there are GSTR1, under this GST section a person should pay the due GST within 10th of the following month. Then there is GSTR 6 which needs to be paid under 13th of the following month. Every salesman has to charge GST with their every sale and customers have to pay the GST tax with every purchase. The thing we should know that GST is a self-assessed tax. To e-file, the GST return an enterprise should deliver the organizations tax reference number, ID and password, and PAN. To file the GST return, one can visit the website www.gst.gov.in.

Submit tax return

It’s mandatory to submit the due Income tax return. Just like the GST, you may submit the income tax return online. Paying income tax is our duty and not clearing it timely is illegal. If you don’t pay your income tax within the due date, you may face the variety of charges from the Indian government. To submit a tax return, one should have some documents ready before going further. The document includes adhaar, PAN, bank account details, investment details and form 16.  Go to the official web page of income tax India, and follow the rest of the procedure as per the government rules.