England Hockey Coach Returns After Heart Attack

Danny Kerry, the coach of Team GB’s Women’s Hockey Team, has just recovered from a heart attack that he suffered in the summer and believes that he can now lead the team to defend their Olympic Gold Medal in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Here we look at what caused a fit and healthy sports coach to suffer a heart attack and what you can do to prevent the same thing from happening to you.

According to Heart UK, in Europe coronary heart disease is the single most common cause of death in people under 65. It is a disease that doesn’t discriminate, and this is demonstrated by the fact that Danny Kerry suffered from a heart attack when he was a seemingly fit and healthy person, aged only 46.

What Caused the Heart Attack?

Danny Kerry was coaching the GB Women’s Hockey team in the World League Semi-Finals in South Africa when he woke up during the night in pain, which was later confirmed after tests in hospital, to be a heart attack. Following surgery, Kerry confounded doctors with his speed of recovery, and they are still unsure what could have caused this seemingly fit 46-year-old to suffer a heart attack. There is no doubt, however, that his physical condition, while it might have caused the heart attack, could have also played a significant part in his recovery.

How Can Heart Attacks Be Prevented?

Clearly, living a fit and healthy lifestyle is a great way of preventing a heart attack, but if there are other factors at play, then you might still be at risk. Eating lots of saturated fat puts you at risk of a heart attack, even if you are not overweight, and a stressful lifestyle can also be a contributing factor. If you are not already fit or playing sport, then starting off with gentle exercise could be the answer. If you are already fit and looking to improve on this, then the answer could be watching Hockey Drill Videos such as those from https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Hockey/index.jsp and trying out some of the suggested tips and techniques.

This is proof that heart attacks can happen to anyone, even if you think that you are very fit. The key is looking after yourself better and reducing the amount of stress in your life.


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