Facts Regarding The Usage Of Lions Mane Mushroom

The lions mane mushrooms as the name suggests have hairy tops which give them the appearance like a tuft of hair picked out of the mane of a lion. Unlike its appearance which may be appealing to some or weird to the rest it is one of the best nootropics available and has been used in ancient Chinese medina to treat various ailments that distress humans. These mushrooms may not be accessible everywhere and perhaps difficult to grow too, hence to help people benefit from the various health advantages by it’s consumption, extracts of its compounds are made and sold in containers all over the world. Use lion’s mane mushroom extract.

These mushrooms have gained popularity for their brain boosting compounds. It isn’t a folklore anymore and studies have shown these mushrooms deal pretty well with some of the chronic ailments that humans tend to suffer due to diet and lifestyle issues. It has got all the ‘anti’ you could think of like being anti carcinogenic and helping preventing cancer cell growth in the body. It works like an antibiotic to kill infection, it is anti diabetic and helps regulate the blood sugar levels effectively. It is a great stress buster and hence anti fatigue too. It has antioxidants which can add on anti ageing factor too by cell regeneration and degradation of tissues and cells in the body.

lion’s mane

It has the power to improve cognitive functions and drive away anxiety. The neurological benefits have also been a huge draw for this nootropics to be a widely consumed extract in many parts of the world. The vital organs of the body such as heart and liver are duly protected and remain healthy with usage of lions mane mushroom extract. Extensive studies have shown that nerve cells and brain cells can be regenerated after injury with the help of the lions mane mushrooms extract consumption. There are many uses of lion’s mane mushroom extract.

When geriatric diseases such Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s which creep in due nerve cell and brain cell degradation and this makes the person lose cognitive recognition skills and memory loss whereas Parkinson’s is due to nerve cell deterioration over time and new cells are not replenished hence the advancement of Parkinson’s disease which causes involuntary tremors in the body. Though studies on animals have given positive results, human trials on a large scale are yet to propound the fact that this mushroom could be a lifesaver to so many people with such ailments.

Further studies indicate that it has phytochemicals that prevent the breeding of cancer cells in the body, various types of cancers can be prevented with the active consumption of lions mane mushroom extract. Cancer is now becoming an epidemic of sorts and lions mane mushroom extract can quite a breakthrough in helping people fight this disease. Persons already battling cancer in various stages have reportedly found the reduction in cancer cell metastasis to a large extent. This has given a new ray of hope to many cancer sufferers all over the globe.

Heart diseases can be overcome with regular consumption of lions mane mushroom prevents heart diseases which usually occur to increase in the bad cholesterol and decrease in the good cholesterol, this can be reversed and get back to good heart health. Heart strokes risks are at an all time high and they are caused by blood clots which travel with the blood stream to the heart and can cause a stroke which can prove fatal at times. The lions mane mushrooms prevent blot clots and protect you from a possible stroke. Digestive health is often ignored but many gut problems such as ulcers etc. can crop up and very painful but the mushroom extract has proved time and again a saviour because of its gastro protective activity.