Feel and Experience the Aura of Trekking Right in Bangalore

If you like to do trekking then you should spare time for it. You cannot enjoy zig zag paths, adventurous heights and amazing landscapes unless you have left for a trekking tour. So, no matter you are in a mountain area or in a city like Bangalore, there is trekking destinations available for you.

Talking about trekking in Bangalore, it seems that you don’t know your city well. Of course, if you would have known it well, you might have an idea about plenty of traveling destinations within and around this city. Anyhow, don’t feel low because it is never too late to leave for a trekking adventure.


Talking about Ramanagara, it is a well-known town in Karnataka. This is a base for a few of great small trekking trails in state. The district is surrounded by seven royal hills Yatirajagiri, Somagiri, Shivaramagiri, Siddeshwarahill, RevanaKrishnagiri, Sidilakallu hill and JalaSiddeshwara hill.

 At this spot, you can taste sports of Rock Climbing. You can also enjoy two types of rock climbing that are Pitch Climbing and Bouldering. So, if you are already so excited, increase your excitement by knowing that this thrilling place of trekking and adventures is at a distance of justfifty-five kilometres from Bangalore. The entire area will cater you beautiful landscapes, and you can capture your trekking moments in your camera too. After all, such thrilling, adventurous and fun filled moments should find a place in your photo collection!

Savandurga Hill: a chief spot

The Savandurga hill has been believed to be one of the most massive monolith hills in Asia. It is one of the valued trekking destinations around Bangalore. Savandurga possesses two hills namely the Billigudda and Karigudda. Both these serve as base for all the people who come to visit the shrine SavandiVeerabhadreshwara Swamy temple and Narasimha Swamy temple situated at base of the hills.

Once upon the time, Savandurga was a very famous place. It was during the times of Hoysala realm when its charisma was as its peak. The hill fort on the top of this hill was formed in year 1543 by Samanta Raya. At this place, trekking is an extremely popular activity. You can find mainly two trekking trails here that run upwards to Savanadurga. The first one is Karigudda and the other one is Billigudda trail.

Just climb along Biligudda and pass through the ruined fort created by Kempe Gowda. The climb up to fort tower may be an inspiring trek. For seekers of adventure, Karigudda is surely a satisfying trek. Night trekking coupled with seeing sunrise is the most unforgettable activity at this spot. The best part about this trekking destination is that it is just at a distance of 48 kilometres from Bangalore.

Thus, the bottom line is that Bangalore is very rich in its existence. Whether talking about businesses, offices, education, amusement or adventure; everything is here under the roof of Bangalore. So, it is high time that you talk to your family members or friends and carry out a memorable adventurous trip.