Personal loans

Finish home loans which include renovation costs

The loan covers the cost of renovation of an apartment. Other vendors use is as a different product. The removal loans can be applied for from a bank or financial services and are in a range of 5000 to 25000 Euros. The interest and the other expenses differ according to the terms of loan services and the duration of the loan period. Removal loans can be applied as consumer credit. It is also marketed as a remover loan. You can know about the loan on There are several companies which offer such loans.

Ferratum Money is a company with credit institution that is focused on issuing instant mortgages and consumer credit. The company also offers the same opportunities as an older loan product. The company also offers loans from 1to 2000 Euros flexible credit account. All the applicants are given same credit limit and also are given the option of withdrawing the money. The company offers 30 days interest free time for the loan and also the first raise for free. The new customers get loans without interest and free withdrawals that is, who are the first time borrowers.

Personal loans

The 100 to 2000 Euros loan is to be repaid within 3 months. You can also raise your account if there is a need of money. The loan agreement is a continuation pattern that ends when the amount withdrawn is paid back and no new withdrawals from the account is made. The applicants are granted a limit of EUR 2000 for which repayment also applies to the account raised for his own account. First credit is to be paid from 07 to 23 but after that you can raise money at your own account whenever you want. The expenses are clear and there is no unexpected hidden cost incurred. The staff costs are easily found and are clearly stated in the credit agreement. The monthly repayment is based on the service of 10% of the open loan amount, but it is always at least 100%. The amount which is reduced is then returned to the credit account for withdrawal.

Company’s important terms

  • The applicant should be minimum 21 years for a loan.
  • The financial status of the applicant is checked if he can pay or no.
  • The credit history is checked and based on the information provided by the applicant.
  • The applicant should be a citizen or a permanent resident of Finland.