Functionality and Anatomy of Heart valves

Heart is the most important part of the human body, we all are aware of the functions a heart performs, pumping blood throughout the body even when we are sleeping our heart constantly works, but with the lifestyles we have these days which includes intake of food which is not at all fit for the human heart like junk food, oily food, food rich in carbohydrates; such type of food is like poison for heart and lack of physical workout is another factor that causes various problems in the body. With the hectic and monotonous life we all just run around to earn money and live the life of our dreams, but the reality is in the hassle of earning money and keeping ourselves financially strong we are forgetting that we make ourselves physically weak and hence no money can give us a good health, good health is something which needs to be maintained by taking care of the body.

In the past few years, it is noticed that a lot of people across the world are suffering from one or the other problem related to the heart which is a matter to worry about. Everyone needs to think that what is dragging us all towards an unhealthy lifestyle and the truth is we all are aware of the answer. With the growing technology, now there is the treatment to almost every health problem and hence there is the treatment for all the major problems with the human heart, which involves Heart valve replacement surgery.

Let’s understand what is the function of heart valve

The human heart consists of four chambers, which has 2 atria and two ventricles, the upper chambers are atria and the lower chambers are ventricles. Now there is a valve through which the blood flows before passing through all the four chambers. The job of this valve is to prevent the backward flow of the blood, these are basically flaps that are present on both the ventricles. There are a total of four heart valves namely

  1. Tricuspid valve:  this valve is present between the right atrium and right ventricle
  2. Pulmonary Valve: found between right ventricle and pulmonary artery
  3. Mitral valve: located between the left atrium and left ventricle
  4. Aortic valve: found between the left ventricle and aorta

Once the heart starts pumping the blood these valves get active, as the heart muscles contract and expand and let the blood flow these valves open and close and let the blood flow in the ventricles and atria, this flow of blood alternately flows from one ventricle and atria to another ventricle and atria. This is a full-time job, that only stops when the person dies, there is no scope of stopping, but sometimes our unhealthy lifestyle leads to the malfunctioning of heart valves which includes :

  • Stenosis: this is the situation when the valve opening becomes narrow and makes the heart pump blood with increased force and pressure which on the other hand leads to hampering the complete functionality of heart.
  • Regurgitation: in this situation, the valve does not close completely which causes the blood to flow in backward direction instead of forwarding

These situations sometimes require the valves to be removed and replaced hence there are numerous hospitals offering the best heart valve replacement surgery cost in India.