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With the advancement on technology, everything is computerized and it is possible to find everything online. The scenario has started from past decade and the person can find many types of services online. For instance, let us consider the work of students in present days. The student life, which we live are lovely and we do not have that much pressure on us to finish the work. Simply, the students assigned to do some assignments, that too once in the month to develop the skills of the students and to learn about recent news. Actually, doing this is not complicated and wiring assignments once in the month is simple.

Whereas, when we start comparing the early school days with the recent days, students supposed to complete their assignments everyday and they do not find space to enjoy their day.

We cannot blame the system, because when the technology is advanced, the lifestyle as well as the teaching procedure also developed. However, when the students do not have space to enjoy their life, then they feel stressed and later they start hatred to study.

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