How long will engineered hardwood floor last?

Just how durable is your engineered wood flooring? It might surprise you to learn that this type of flooring can match solid wood flooring for longevity, lasting for 40 to 80 years with the right care. Here are the five key factors that will determine how long your engineered wood floors will last.


The thickness of the lamella impacts your floor’s durability in two ways. First, the thicker the wear layer, the more hard-wearing it will be. Second, if your lifestyle means your floors will take a hammering, a thicker wear layer can be sanded and resealed several times.


A lacquered finish is definitely the right choice for a busy household. You can keep it clean with ease and mop up any spills in seconds. An oiled finish is not as resistant to water spills as a lacquer, but the more natural and matte finish does help to disguise wear and tear better. The choice also depends on the effect you prefer, but if you choose your finish wisely, you won’t have to refinish your floors for several years.

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Buy the very best quality flooring you can afford, with a wear layer composed of a hardwood that scores high on the Janka hardness scale like an oak, birch or walnut. This will stand up to the everyday knocks and scrapes with ease. Be careful about where you source your engineered flooring, and ensure you buy from a recognised retailer. Buying online from a trusted supplier like allows you to compare different woods and finishes before you make your final decision.


The amount of traffic your floor is expected to deal with will have a huge impact on the durability of your floor. Engineered flooring in hallways, kitchens and living rooms can take a real beating, so these areas need a thicker wear layer.


Don’t kill your floor with kindness. A vacuum to get rid of dust and then a light mop will suffice to keep it looking great. Never use excess water or a steam mop as this can ruin the finish of your floor and cause permanent damage. Sweep daily, wipe up any spills as soon as they occur, and add plenty of rugs and your floor will keep looking great for at least 40 years!