How to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

As the winter months approach, there is true delight in wrapping up warm when you go out and keeping cosy indoors. But keeping our homes warm and snug without having the heating on throughout the day and night can be a struggle. We have found the best advice available on how to make and keep your home as snug as a bug when its more than nippy outdoors.

Focus on the Floors

Whilst wooden and tiled floors look stylish, they lack warmth. When your floor isn’t carpeted in the bedroom or lounge, the addition of a rug or two can add a huge amount of warmth visually and to the touch. Invest in something luxurious to nestle those cold toes into.

Drape the Windows

Thick curtains retain heat and keep out the cold – they can be used on windows and on doors to ensure that your home looks and feels cosy during the coldest months.

Re-consider Your Doors and Windows

This may not be a quick fix, but it is something that should ensure that you are not letting any more heat escape from your house than is truly necessary. Check out the deals available from specialist firms such as Keane Windows, who install new windows and doors in Dublin. The benefits of double glazing will be seen in an immediate reduction on your energy bill.

Insulate Your Pipes

Hot water pipes can lose heat pretty quickly if they are not insulated. You can buy foam tubes from good DIY stores, and they are easy to fit. Insulated pipes are also much less likely to burst if the cold weather truly sets in.

Natural Heating Solutions

There is little that conjures up a warm feeling and a sense of home greater than a real fire. The warmth exuded may vary depending on the fuel type and the efficiency of your chimney, but there is nothing that gives a sense of cosiness more than watching those mesmerising flames in the long evenings.

Leave That Oven Door Open

Just not whilst you are cooking! Once you have taken out your food, consider leaving the door open so that the hot air can warm up your kitchen. Just make sure that if you do this you don’t have young children or pets nearby that are likely to injure themselves.