How to Protect Yourself In Case of An Accident In Foreign Country

There are times when going to a holiday can turn into a real nightmare. We become aware when we find ourselves in an unforeseen situation as a victim of theft, a participant in a traffic accident, or there is an injury or illness. It is therefore useful that you have these tips in front of you, in order to find out how best to respond in time. Engel DUI Lawyer is here to respond to all your legal needs.

What if a car accident occurs?

If the damage is less than 500 dollars and you agree with the other participant, you will just need to fill a form and you will be good to go. You will receive this form from the company of your insurance user. It’s free and you have to always have it with you.

If the damage is greater or less than 500 dollars it is difficult to determine if you are not a professional for this, and you need to keep in mind how much your car is worth. If there is damage to a smaller volume and a smaller number of metal parts, it can be assumed that it is a minor damage.

What if the car breaks down

If you happen to break a tire during the trip, or any other malfunction and you cannot continue driving, the first thing you need to do is call your insurance company. This is important so that you do not pay any additional repair or cargo costs, and should only be handled by instructions.

It should be noted that insurance does not cover the costs of removing the defect and failure if the malfunction occurs and if the one who controls the car was under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. Also, if the cause of the malfunction is insufficiently good and improper maintenance of the vehicle, you will not be able to charge the damage from the insurance.

Bearing in mind that this type of insurance costs a few thousand dollars, and it can cover far greater unforeseen costs, it is not a waste of a user of such or similar services.

If the damage is higher than the police has to offer, the insurance company should contact and act solely according to their instructions.

What if we get sick?

To start, before traveling, it would be best to buy travel insurance.

Within 24 hours of the occurrence of a bad event, inform the collateral center of the insurance company where the victim was insured (this is important for covering the costs of treatment and hospitalization, as well as transporting the injured person back to their country, when the conditions are met ).

Notify the insurance company about the newly created situation

They further state that if it is necessary for the injured person to stay in the hospital for a longer period of time than the one he was granted with a visa or stay, he needs to go to the police for foreigners with a hospital documentation and extend his residence.

It’s important that you know that the prices and the least interventions are very high, and that using one of the insurance policy is a very smart choice.
It should be kept in mind that some insurance companies refund the amount of additional costs of the incurred when buying medicines or other medical devices.