How to Select a SEO Plan for Targeted Traffic

Defining the target audience must be the first and very important step in SEO plan. Target audience can be the group of people who will market the product in future. Earlier, the beginning step was to determining the needs, locations, sex, and age of the target audience. So one should think about what actually they want, the needs of the target audience which are not yet met. With this entire information one must define the dinoseos content strategy.

Before doing keyword searching, one must start with needs of the audience. There are 2 reasons behind this they are

  • The tools and content must be provided so that they are useful and relevant as possible for the aimed audience. This is nothing but content strategy. This must go beyond usual practices of SEO and this must be related and relevant to site strategy. Lets taken an example of a health site which has information on drugs and health, diseases, and many a types of health conditions. So, if the targeted audience is looking out for cheapest prescription drugs then the content must be relevant on this topic. So, as soon as business comes to know about these types of goals of the targeted audience they must frame their content as such and bypass all other contents.
  • Next is making a list of keywords which are based on the goals of targeted audience. The list of keywords should not be framed on the basis of present content of the website. They must be based on the needs of the audience. Based on what the audience is looking for presently one must go and update their keywords list. This must be done at least a month. Keywords list should be considered a living entity. Based on the dinoseos targeted audience‚Äôs needs frame the keywords list.

In some cases even though the business has a clear picture on their audience list they may not understand their pain points. In that case one thing they can rely on is market studies. Next best root is conducting surveys. This can be done on websites only. Otherwise business can use dedicated survey sites, hire survey professionals, and by sending emails to the targeted audience.

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