How to Store Logs for Your Fire or Woodburner

We all love a woodburner. Not only do they add warmth and a real focal point to any home, but they are also eco-friendly, economical and reliable. And to keep your house in order, this article looks at how best to store your woodburner logs and get the very best from them.

Seeing the Wood for the Trees

Lugging firewood can be back-breaking work, so store your wood close to your house and make sure the path to and from your wood store is well lit. This will make your winter wood journey to and from your store that little bit easier!

Store in Your Shed
Sheds, as well as garages, are excellent storage options for firewood that needs to season – consider garage shelving to maximise space – but do make sure the wood is accessible when the time comes to use it. If you don’t have a shed, a garage or garage shelving, consider purchasing a log store or shelf unit.

The Dryer the Better

It goes without saying that firewood should be kept in dry conditions. Top tips for keeping your wood dry include storing it as follows:

– In an area where the wood will be exposed to the sun;

On a surface such as concrete or asphalt, as they don’t hold moisture;

On a flat or slightly inclined surface;

On elevated boards covered in plastic sheeting.

It’s worth researching storage options – check out Garage Shelving through to make sure you get the right solution for your space.

Avoid the Rain

Tarpaulin is an obvious choice for protecting your firewood from the rain. However, tarpaulin can lock in moisture, so make sure there is adequate circulation or that the logs are woodburner-ready. For more ventilation tips see

Stack Correctly

It’s vital that when stacking your wood each piece has access to dry air. If your wood is stored near a wall, there should be an adequate space between wood and wall to avoid both bacteria and damp ruining the firewood and, ultimately, your woodburning experience.

Safety First

When stacking firewood, safety should be a priority so make sure wood piles are stable. Keep a space between the stacks for circulation purposes, but make sure such spaces can’t be accessed by pets or children.