Important Points Of Canada Citizenship Points Calculator

If you are willing to apply for citizenship of Canada, there are few eligibility criteria you need to fulfil.  You can apply for the citizenship for Canada if you hold skilled work visa and have worked in Canada while staying there. In order to apply for citizenship you should first know if you are eligible or not, which you can get to know about by Canada citizenship points calculator. To check your eligibility you need to calculate your points score because express immigration system is based on comprehensive ranking system in Canada.

Citizenship eligibility criteria

Your eligibility for Canadian citizenship depends upon several factors such as:

  • Your age should be above 18 years.
  • You should know any of the Canadian communication language (French or English)
  • You should have been living in Canada at least for 3 to 5 years, before you apply for citizenship
  • While your stay in Canada, you must have paid income tax for the city.
  • You should have character certificate (you haven’t done any fraud or crime).
  • You need to score minimum 67 points in federal skilled worker (FSW).

 Canada citizenship points calculator

Comprehensive ranking system

It is very important that you calculate your points of express entry immigration system, to know about the probability of getting citizenship. The express entry point calculator is also known as immigration to Canada points calculator which helps you in calculating your points under comprehensive ranking system. The points calculated are based upon your profile information such as age, educational qualification, work experience, English proficiency test score, skill factor, spouse or law partner factors etc. all these factors have been assigned points and depending upon your capabilities you can assign marks to you. Here are few details of how you can calculate them:

  • For age you can get 10 points depending upon your current age. Your productivity decides your score i.e. if you stand between age group of 25-30 years you will get more points as compared to the persons of age group 40-45 years.  The more young and productive you are, the more points you can score for yourself.
  • The second factor is your education qualification; you can surely get more points if you are highly qualified (done with your higher studies or PhD). To get minimum points you should have done your high school. Your university level credentials at master level and doctoral level can help you in earning highest score. You can earn up to 25 points through your education.
  • Your work experience can help you in earning 21 points based upon your years of work in Canada. You should have at least worked for one to five years in Canada.
  • English proficiency is also an important point to be considered as it can help you in earning 24 points. Canada citizenship points calculator can help you in calculating that as well.

Points such as Arranged employment, spouse’ education and Adaptability are also included in immigration to Canada points calculator. Now when you know how to do it, go and check your probability of getting citizenship.