Carrageenan is the ingredient which is derived from the red seaweed which works as an ingredient on foods. The name carrageenan is derived from the species of the seaweed which is known as Irish moss or the Carrageen Moss in England. The name carraigin is used in Ireland from 400 AD as a gelatin and also used as a home remedy to cure cold and coughs.

The product Carrageenan is acquired after many process. This process includes that initially the source is the seaweed. The seaweed is taken and washed thoroughly with the fresh water. After that this will be soaked in alkaline water. After that process, to remove the alkaline present in surroundings, again washed with the fresh water, after that the color will be removed. Then it made to dry and finally milling takes place. The final product is called as Carrageenan.

There are three main classes of carrageenan: They are:

  • Kappa which forms rigid and a strong gel with the help of potassium ions. This reacts with the diary proteins.
  • Iota which forms the soft gel with the help of calcium ions.
  • Lambda is not a gel, but this is used to thicken the dairy products.

The basic difference among these three classes is the number and the position of the ester sulfate groups. The higher level of ester sulfate may lowers the solubility temperature of this product and thus produce the low strength gels

How we know that Carrageenan is the safe form of food addictive.

The food grade Carrageenan has been thoroughly evaluated by the team called JECFA (Expert Committee on Food Additives). Also, the expert panel of toxicologist will review the data carefully and will develop the recommendations about the food ingredients. The expert team from JECFA has determined that the food graded Carrageenan is safe from of food addictive with no certain limits to use in food. This is perfectly safe food material and you can enjoy all your favorite foods which have Carrageenan without any worry. By valuing over rumors, you can make the educated choice about your lifestyle and nutrition.