Police officer attacked by out-of-control dog

A criminal is in jail and a police officer is recovering from serious injury after an attempted stop and search turned into a battle for survival against a violent hound.

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Demon dog acted as bodyguard

A body cam has captured the moment that an unnamed police officer, who was out on patrol in a police vehicle, attempted to stop Michael Foster to carry out a routine drug search after spotting him on his bicycle.

Ignoring the officer’s calls to halt, Foster ditched the bike and attempted to flee on foot, with the policeman giving chase. The dog, which had been following Foster, started growling menacingly and launched itself at the officer, biting his wrist and thigh and bringing him screaming in pain to the ground.

Foster, ignoring the man’s cries to call the dog off, used the opportunity to duck behind a vehicle and make himself scarce. The brave bobby was eventually forced to taser the dog to ward it off.

Pictures are worth 1,000 harrowing words

The disturbing footage, which was captured on the officer’s body worn camera, shows the extreme threat presented by the dog. Such cameras, which have been issued to more than 22,000 Met Police officers since last year, have been shown to reduce the number of assaults against officers and provide vital evidence in court cases. Many companies offer custom cameras linked to a digital management system, which ensures video content cannot be tampered with. In addition to the police, many private security companies are increasingly equipping their staff with body worn cameras from manufacturers such as https://www.pinnacleresponse.com/ to help record incidents.

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Following the assault, 22-year-old Foster was arrested and charged with being responsible for the conduct of a dog that was dangerously out of control and caused serious injury. He was sentenced to two years and five months after pleading guilty at Harrow Crown Court.

The officer later required hospital treatment, with serious bite marks causing heavy bleeding from his left wrist and thigh. A spokesperson for the Met condemned the attack and said that anyone injuring a police officer or using an animal as a weapon would be brought to justice.

As for the aggressive dog, it ran off after being zapped and has not been seen since.