Pronounced optimistic effects of Winstrol on the users

Winstrol is a potent anabolic steroid and its chemical name is called Stanozolol. Among the athletes, this medication is termed as Winnie and when used for veterinary purposes, it is called Winstrol-V. This anabolic steroid was formerly utilized for treating angioedema and anemia because of its huge effectiveness in promoting the count of red blood cells. Nowadays, this medication is largely taken by the bodybuilders and athletes for the purpose of enhancing performance. This compound was manufactured in the year 1962 by Winthrop Laboratories and back then it was considered a regular prescription drug.

The main benefit of this medication is it doesn’t aromatize like various other anabolic steroids which is why the chances of side effects are comparatively lesser with it. Additionally, this drug doesn’t have any estrogenic side effects which contribute to its effectiveness more. This compound is available in both the forms; the oral form and the injectable form but the injectable form is more popular with the users. Countless bodybuilders and fitness fanatics who wish to shape their body into a perfect one take this medication largely. The different mechanism from Winstrol are always appealing to the users and amongst them, one is, it contains remarkable fat loss benefits.

Comparison with Anavar

This anabolic steroid is often compared with Anavar in terms of its efficiency, safety issues and dosing levels. It is a fact that both these anabolic steroids are used to treat certain medical conditions and both of them has non-medical applications too. They are widely taken for the purpose of bodybuilding and enhancing performance. These two prescription-only compounds can be obtained unlawfully from different underground laboratories and black-market resources. If you go through different forum boards and bodybuilding sites you will find that both these compounds are largely preferred. In fact, there are some users who in order to get maximum benefits, combine these two anabolic steroids together.

Winstrol is more effective for the growth of thin muscle mass, lessening fat and gaining strength whereas Anavar is renowned for its anabolic features which are considered nearly thrice more powerful compared to testosterone. This drug is hugely effective for the purpose of muscle building and users take it during their cutting phases. Winstrol is believed to be containing stronger anabolic and androgenic features compared to Anavar which is mild regarding its androgenic impacts. Androgenic impacts do arouse and control the growth of male features. Male-related androgens get produced in the testes of the males and in little quantities in female ovaries. Androgens are liable for the general male build-up and in women; its functions are relatively delicate.

Proper dosages of Winstrol

This medication was manufactured because of the different mechanism from Winstrol. Commonly, for males an oral dosage of 5-10mg daily is perfect and a dosage of 50mg weekly of the injectable form is considered alright. During cutting periods, this medication is taken at 50-10 milligrams every alternate day. The progressive users take about 200mg daily but this dosing level is not meant for the common people. This well-known compound can be taken by the female users too and women are advised to begin with 5mg daily and then they can elevate their dosages to 10mg daily.