Regulations on Over the Counter Steroid Medications Bring Safety to Bodybuilders

Steroids and Bodybuilding go hand in hand in the industry. Many bodybuilders take to legal or illegal steroids to speed up the process and want to reach their goal in a short period of time. Taken for a long period of time or any type of abuse brings a lot of unhappy endings for them. When one tries shortcuts to achieve the goal, some kind of adverse outcome is bound to happen. In the context of Steroids available for bodybuilders, there are two types available: Prescription Only steroids and Non-Prescription steroids or otherwise known as OTC steroids.

What is the difference?

A bit of confusion and concern arise when one says Prescription and Non-Prescription steroids. Because steroid is available only via prescription doesn’t mean it’s very safe to use. Rather the true facts about the medicine are known and published via human and animal trials. Its side-effects are well known and usually the medical practitioner advises the consumer about this. Regulations on over the counter steroid medications bring in some sort of safety and comfort to the prospective users. When the benefits outweigh the adverse effects, such steroids are prescribed.

There are some OTC steroids available in the market which doesn’t require a prescription from a medical practitioner. One can walk into a medical store or pharmacy and buy these products. Or as in some countries, even in general stores and supermarkets. The difference between the two steroids is that the OTC products work slowly and the side effects are also less.

Efficiency on bodybuilders

It’s a well-known fact that Androgenic Anabolic Steroids works faster and speeds up the bodybuilders to get that toned up muscle everyone is an envy of. Not so fast in the case of OTC steroids since they were designed for some other purpose but used in the hope that it will work similarly like that of a prescription based steroid.  They do work but slowly. They do have some side effects too.

Considering the regulations on steroid medicationsand the safety that the OTC steroids provide, one is advised to take them instead of the more potent prescription steroids. When combined with adequate levels of exercise and a balanced and nutritious diet, they do bring up results which are comparable if not equal results. The good thing is that one need of afraid of the after results and get away from the constant fear of harm and side effects.

Safety and Side Effects

Hormones are secreted in the body by the Pituitary gland which is part of the Endocrine glands. The when and how much is controlled by the Hypothalamus in the brain. Hypothalamus is like a thermostat which controls the body temperature, enzyme levels, fluid levels and other automatic functions like the heartbeat and breathing rate. In effect, any OTC medicine that can effectively influence the Hypothalamus becomes a steroid! An internet search for drugs that have an effect on hypothalamus becomes an OTC steroid.

There are certain regulations on over the counter steroid medications which governs what kind of medicine or drug is sold as an OTC product. Despite being an OTC steroid, they do have some side effects and use caution when using them.

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