Importance of Proxy Servers

Some of the Importance of Proxy Servers and their Types

A proxy server is a dedicated computer or software system which acts as a connector between computers and servers from which a client or user is requesting a service.

The proxy server conceals the identity of a system from other systems on the internet and this is the main cause of using this server. The speed of internet access is also increased in a few situations. Hide me is one of the upgraded technologies of this proxy server which provides consistency with popular websites.

types of proxy servers

A few types of proxy servers include:

  • Simple server – This is the most basic type of server which receives a request from the client computer and directs the request to the server. Then the response is given back to the client after processed.
  • Reverse proxy server – This is another type of server which receives requests from various systems connected to the internet and then connects it to a group of internet servers.
  • Caching server – Whenever the internet connection is slow, this type of server is used. All the fetched content are saved as a copy by this server and use that copy when they are requested, thus saving bandwidth cost.
  • Content filtering proxy server – These servers are used to filter content or restrict access to the internet. The content filtering proxy servers are mostly used in schools, colleges and in workplaces to limit some sites.

Therefore, you can choose a server from the above types based on your needs.