The Reality of Sopharma

The over the counter drug stores in the USA and Canada often offer a particular product, called SopharmaClen to weight loss aspirants. It is basically a bronchodilator to treat patients suffering from a respiratory disorder. But it can also promote fat metabolism in your body. This makes it a favorite among the fitness freaks. Basically, Sopharma is a Bulgaria-based drug manufacturer, which is famous for its high good quality Clenbuterol tablets.

The Problem

Unfortunately enough, there are a number of illegitimate companies who make wrong use of this famous brand. Many health enthusiasts fall into their trap and end up buying counterfeit Clen tablets, which are simply labeled as Sopharma. In fact, in nations like Australia, Canada, the USA or the UK, getting the authentic product is becoming tougher than ever before. This is highly due to the restrictions on import that the respective government strictly follows. In 2017, the US government has made Clen legal. No one needs to get a prescription to buy them. Yet, the FDA has banned its use, as well as its appearance in just about any form. So if you come across a shop that advertises of selling the US-based Sopharma-Clen, there is a high chance of getting a fake product.

The Solution

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Sale of legal, good quality and genuine Sopharma-Clen products is confined to a few East-European countries like Bulgaria. Nevertheless, some Mexican and Indian pharmaceutical companies offer genuine products. However, the online market is just too full of scammers. It often becomes hard to tell an authentic distributor to a fake one. There is no shortcut to identify a real product. However, the price tag that comes with a bottle of pills can tell a lot about the product. This steroid is- to put it simply- costly! By and large, manufacturers offer this steroid in bottles of 50-100 pills. Each of the tablets contains 20 mcg or 0.02 mg of the steroid. Typically, a bottle of 50 tablets of Sopharma-Clenbuterol can cost you between $20-$40. In Euros, you might need to pay about 20 – 25 EU. So if you see a company selling this supplement for a lower price, they might be offering fake products to their customers. The company concerned might not add any Clenbuterol HCL to the pills. Most of the vendors would ship worldwide for free. But before you book your bottles, check whether you can legally import it to your place of residence.

Is It A Steroid?

Basically, Clenbuterol is not a bodybuilding steroid. It is just a powerful thermogenic bronchodilator. But when you take it with anabolic steroids, it helps to promote fat metabolism. As a result, you get impressive fat loss results. Hence, Sopharma is no magic wand for weight loss. Also, it does not work impressively on its own. So when you take it, ensure that you follow a well-planned low-calorie, fiber-rich diet plan. Calorie burning through regular exercise is another important aspect of losing weight with this supplement. It will help you to melt fat by increasing the temperature of your body by means of its thermogenic activities.


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