What Is Douching And Major Douching Disadvantages

During pregnancy the women generally have to go through a lot of change in their lifestyle. Habits that might seem simple or regular may not have a positive effect on the baby and hence the doctors do not allow pregnant ladies to go through with them. And one such topic of discussion will be picked up today and it is vaginal douching.

So there are many questions in regard to vaginal douching and the most common to be can you douche when your pregnant? But, before that one needs to know about the meaning and the process. The word ‘douche’ is actually French for wash or soak. So, douching basically is a process of intra-vaginal cleansing with a liquid solution. It is used as for personal hygiene for preventing or treating an infection or to cleanse after menstruation or sex and also is effectively used to prevent pregnancy.

A douche mostly comes in a bottle or a bag and is sprayed via tube upward into the vagina. Douches that are sold in drug stores and supermarkets often contain antiseptics and fragrances. While the process does have certain advantages but it is the disadvantages that are more health concerning.

Major disadvantages of douching:

  1. Vaginal infections- the process is majorly discourage because it disturbs the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina that is called the vagina flora. These changes lead to the growth of more bacteria that ultimately causes infection. There is also an indirect link of douching and increase risk of preterm labor and sexually transmitted diseases.
  2. Pelvic inflammatory disease- the PID is an infection of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Through a research study it has been found out that there is a 73% chance of higher risk for the disease.
  3. Pregnancy complications- it is observed that women who douche more than once a week often have trouble in getting pregnant than those who do not! Also, there is an increased risk for ectopic pregnancy by 76%. Ectopic pregnancy is a state where in the embryo implants outside the uterus.
  4. Cervical cancer douching has also been directly linked with cervical cancer. It has been observed that the possibility of cervical cancer is higher in the women who douche once or more a week than those who do not.

Although a few women do feel cleaner after the process, there is very little or almost no benefit of the process. After reading the disadvantages I am sure one can realise that there is more harm than benefit to women from this process. This is the reason why most of the doctors generally advice their patients against douching. And if you are still wondering whether you can douche when pregnant then the answer is a strict no! One has to understand that normal soap and water cleansing of vagina is good enough, if one wishes one can use special vaginal wash that are sold over the counter but please refrain from douching as the disadvantages are many.