Where are QR Codes Used?

The thought behind the QR code being a handy tool for marketing evolved because the code is capable of storing data that is almost 4000 characters long. It was developed by a subsidiary of Toyota Company in Japan with the purpose of automation of vehicle parts so that manual counting and inputting of data was done away with. These codes contain 2 dimensional data – website address, phone numbers, email address, a contact card and even simple event information. Since they are readable and can be decoded using smart phones that are enabled with a QR decoding App, they connect the mobile user directly to the URL, number or email address.

Here are few of the business areas that the QR code has been found to be working effectively:-

  1. Online Retailers: we generally see the physical stores scanning the bar codes to enter price related or quantity related information. But the online stores use the QR code to advertise their brand, display new products and launches, enable bill payments and recharge of prepaid connections, add a link to a review or a feedback website, connect to a URL that mentions detailed information about the product, its make, its expiry date etc.
  2. Marketing tool: the QR codes can be related to any incentive based or information based promotional strategy. Through the codes on advertisements and product, different campaigns can be started by the company to attract and engage more customers.
  3. Educational institutes: with modern technology classroom education isalso becoming more interesting, especially at higher levels. For example, the QR codes can be used by students for carrying huge presentations and dissertation reports. When asked to present the project report, they can simply scan the code via their smart phone and present it online. The QR codes are also being used to store subject related video tutorials or answers to questions that students can refer to when they get stuck during preparations for examinations etc.
  4. Food business and restaurants: placing appropriate QR codes next to each item on the menu is an innovative way to reduce costs as well as pass maximum information. The customer can scan the code and read in details about the particular menu item. Or the code can contain the translation of the particular menu item and its preparation details in a particular language. There can be game/hunt related campaigns that can be started by restaurants using the code with freebies for customers who are able to decode it successfully.
  5. Consumer goods: the code is generally now used to pass extra information to the customer regarding the product, its ingredients, their source, methods of usage, allergies and health warnings, how to apply, recipes that can be made with the product or connect to a web form  for complaints and feedback
  6. Real estate: Indian estate industry can get going on this. Specific information related to a property can be built-in the code to connect to pictures, a video tour, construction details, contact numbers for call back etc.