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Why Buy A New Car when you can Go for An Old One?

It seems like an absurd proposition to buy an old car instead of a new one, wait until you read the full article. Cars are an important part of our lives.People always want to have a new car, and they wish that their car should be the best one in the neighborhood. This implies that your car has to be bought from the best dealership in town and it should be well maintained and kept in an eloquent condition. It’s not imperative that you will get all these from a new car only; an old car can equally enhance your driveway as much as a new car can.

Houston Chevrolet dealershipLet’s understand some points which make it clear why you should buy an old car instead:

  1. Lower prices:Consider this, a new 2019 Chevrolet Camero will cost you more than $30,000 and the same car, if it’s pre-owned, will stand outside your house after paying $7,000 less. Now, for a gap of less than one year, you can bring home the same car and that too, which is certified by the most trusted and revered dealership in Houston, the Davis Chevrolet. So you think now which option is better.
  2. Long-lasting and reliable: The old cars are often said to be non-reliable and something which demands regular trips to the mechanic. Well, if you think that this is the reason you should not buy an old car, then think again. An old car is similarly reliable as a new car if it’s maintained well and kept in good condition for all the years.
  3. Certifications:Every single Houston Chevrolet Cruze which is parked at Davis Chevrolet has been thoroughly inspected by expert mechanics. This and all the other cars are known to exhibit the same eloquent looks and perform at par with the new ones, only because the dealerships go through hard work to make them look dapper and ensure that performance wise, the pre-owned car is not lacking behind.
  4. Finance:Earlier, people had to pay the cost of an old car upfront because the majority of the credit institutions wouldn’t provide financing services for these old cars. But the tides have turned and today, you will find almost every credit union readily giving loans to buy pre-owned cars. The reason is that the pre-owned cars earn them higher interest rates.
  5. Lower depreciation: Do you know that an average sedan would only give you half the price two years after it’s bought? Which means you’re losing money quickly when purchasing a new car.An old car, on the other hand, does not attract depreciation at such rates, and you will get a good resale or a trade-in value for an old car when compared to a new one in relative terms.
  6. Lower cash requirement:When comparing the down payment required for buying a 2019 Chevrolet Camero with an older model, you mighthave to pay a lower down payment. Some dealers also offer zero down payments on selected pre-owned cars.