Why isn’t your SEO resulting in higher sales?

Search Engine Optimisation is so important that the vast majority of businesses will have invested in work to try to improve the readability of their website for both search bots and human users. The techniques for this constantly evolve along with Google’s own ranking algorithms and ‘black hat’ techniques will leave you facing penalties in the rankings race. But even the most legitimate techniques don’t always result in a sales boost for the business. So what’s going wrong?

Who is doing your SEO?

The industry is so fast-moving and attractive that there are large numbers of agencies and individuals purporting to be SEO experts – when in fact, they are little of the sort. Have you checked the credentials of the people responsible for your SEO? Whether an in-house hire or an external commission, make sure your experts really are just that. Otherwise, you will simply end up throwing money down the drain for no purpose.

Is your website properly branded?

Branding involves more than logo awareness and PR. You need to ensure that you are developing strong social links with influencers and referrers in your field. These trusted sources will help you to seem more reputable and lead to better rankings –https://www.searchenginejournal.com/seo-guide/. Work hard to build your reputation with thought leaders and influencers within your industry so that they are prepared to share your content. This investment will pay off and improve your conversion rates.

Have you got enough backlinks?

An SEO provider specialising in web design and development services in London such as Redsnapper will tell you that backlinks are still essential to a high Google ranking. And what’s more, these backlinks need to be relevant and credible to your brand, so that Google sees your website as being a trusted authority within your subject area.

Are you funnelling leads?

Remember that getting leads on to your website is only the first step. From here they have to be successfully channelled through your sales process in order to be persuaded to buy. This takes analysis, thought, a clear strategy and plenty of tweaking to the process – using analytics to keep refining the way you are categorising, scoring and funnelling your online visitors in order to get them to the endpoint.

Focus on these essentials and you will start to see that all-important ROI on your time.