Why testosterone is needed?

Testosterone is a naturally produced androgenic and anabolic male hormone which is necessary for maintaining the proper physiological and cognitive functioning of the body. Although its’ naturally produced levels can show a decline in a few people owing to age and other medical conditions. So, testosterone boosters either natural or synthetic are administered to overcome such shortcomings.

Testosterone is a symbol of masculinity and relates to all the features which are masculine in nature. It provides boys and men with the secondary sexual characters like bodily and facial hair, a deeper voice, muscular strength and bone growth, development of male genitilia and its functioning, sperm maturation, sexual libido and more.

Testosterone is needed to burn fat, to improve sleep, mood, energy and above all, the overall health and quality of life. This hormone is controlled from the pituitary gland of the brain and involves many complex paths which affect various physiological and mental activities. Recovering normal testosterone production is easy with the help of natural testosterone boosters.

What happens if testosterone level drops?

A normal range of testosterone for a healthy individual varies from 300 dl/ml – 100 dl/ml. After thirties testosterone shows a gradual decline, which in turn leads to increase in the chances of a person suffering from heart ailments, type 2 diabetes , obesity, low mineral density ,difficulty in putting on muscle mass and off course all male sexual functions. Less testosterone also leads to mental and cognitive ailments.

How to approach for the best one:

The key lies in the knowledge of its individual ingredients effectiveness. Most of the over the counter boosters available have undergone little or no clinical testing. It’s always safe to use boosters with clinically approved formula or to the least tried and tested ingredients .when selecting it is better to select the labels showing separate ingredient list with its mg content.
Ingredients in a good booster must have at least the basic ingredients of (zinc , magnesium, vitamin b6)ZMA group, vitamin D3, aspartic acid , oyster extract , Siberian / Malaysian geinsing, mucuna pruriens etc. as  their effectiveness is proved and tested.
They are many ingredients found in the testosterone boosters, a few being ineffective and some harmful. Some ingredients to avoid are

DHEA: it is banned by WADA and a few countries. It has also been associated with prostrate cancer.

DHEA on testosterone

Testosterone and DHA both are hormones produced by the endocrine glands. Both these hormones have specific functions in the body but at the same time, there is a connection between the two. It is important to know about it especially when people are considering taking supplements to maintain hormone levels.

Licorice: It is not harmful as such but researches has proved it to decrease testosterone by increasing serum cortisol .it also increases serum DHEA levels , blood pressure and  causes low LDL cholesterol oxidation ( leading to increase in fat).

Bulbine natalensis: Research has shown that it can be toxic to both kidney and liver. Choosing the correct booster is no easy job when the market is being flooded by so many products.  Ultimately the choice lies on the individual needs and there body response to it.