Will the belly button pop out during pregnancy?

One of the most frequented questions among the would be moms is will my belly button pop or stick out during the course of pregnancy. If it has to be happen it will for sure, and the question which needs to be answered is whether a lady will be worried if her belly button does not pop out. Let us now understand more about pregnancy belly button pop.

The main reason for the belly button popping out is the uterus pushes the abdomen forward. The pressure which the abdomen puts, on your belly button and in some cases it makes your protrude. The uterus begins to push forward, roughly around the time of 26 weeks. But in case of some women who are  bit skinny and with a tinge of outie this may tend to happen in the second stages of pregnancy. This is the stage where the pregnant women discover a popping navel or the belly out in the open. Once the delivery is over, the pressure back on the uterus is reduced and you will get our belly button back. The best bet in this regard would be to wear loose clothes that can live your navel exposed

It is not that fashionable but you can expect your navel poking through the clothes in the second week of pregnancy. So pregnant belly pop out is something natural and you needed to accept it. A lot regarding this situation arising in the first place is due to the hormones.

You need to take into account that the emergence of belly button is an evitable and a harmless situation. It will be restored back to the original position after pregnancy, though it some cases it may get a bit stretched out or lived in as well. Just take note of the fact that it is a moment that you need to feel proud about. Though there is no correlation between the belly button popping out and the gender of the baby. Many women during the course of their pregnancy have not had their belly button popped out and there is no cause of concern here as well.

In the case of some women they tend to have a small hole in the abdominal wall before pregnancy. During this stage or in case of excessive amount of weight, it is common to put stress on the defective or weak area on the abdominal wall which causes the hernia to be visible. Once the hole becomes large enough, the tissue can pass through and the hernia becomes all the more painful and a bulge is normally formed around the umbilical area. In most cases it is suggested that you wait till you are no longer pregnant to repair this hernia. But in cases if this hernia goes on to become incarcerated, it does mean that the tissue remains trapped in the defective area, and it cannot be pushed back in. The only remedy in this regard is surgical remedy.

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