Winstrol dosage in all cycles

There is a common question raised by many performance enhancers that what is the particular dosage should I use. The dosing of anabolic supplements and the results can vary quite dramatically.

Winstrol bulking results:

The anabolic drug Winstrol or Stanozolol is a poor choice for bulking among most of the men. The Stanozolol hormone is not a well suitable drug for building mass. Being a highly anabolic and slightly androgenic drug, it suits for strength and cutting cycles. It is not as effect as Sustanon and Deca Durabolin. Winstrol provides high-quality lean muscle mass out of its non-water retaining and bloating properties. Reduced SHBG levels are prominent in the DHT derived anabolic which makes free floating testosterone available to increase strength and muscle. The most significant result of Winstrol is strength gain and the anabolic user can push more weight which will aid to increase and form muscle tissues. Winstrol rapidly yields strength, that’s why it is being popular among many athletes. The maximum safe dosage of Winstrol ranges from 40-80 mg per day depends on either oral pill or injectable form. Since oral Winstrol is not as bio-available as injectable Winni, a slightly higher dose is recommended.

Winstrol cutting results:

With no doubts, Stanozolol is highly beneficial in cutting cycle than a bulking cycle and many professional bodybuilders and gym rats supplement Winstrol for cutting purpose. A standard Winni dosage is considered as 50 mg per day for 6-8 weeks whereas some would go till 100 mg each day for the entire cycle of use. This high dose can equally stress liver function and may make it toxic, further curve lipid profiles in a negative way. However, users can make higher doses for only short-term use which will be beneficial without any major stress. 100 mg per day Winstrol dose for the last 10-14 days before the competition will be exceptionally useful and this short time duration will never have any negative impact on liver and lipid profiles. Many professionals stick on to 50 mg per day for 6 weeks and then gradually increase it to 100 mg per day before a competition that really adds hardness to their physique.

Winstrol female doses:

Winstrol is a well-tolerated anabolic drug among women athletes. Maximum safe dosage is considered as 10 mg per day in the female. Since women are more sensitive to AAS, this low dose would match out their needs. A few women in sports will go as high as 20 mg every day but it really paves the path to virilization adverse effects which are not at all advised. If 10 mg per day Winni is considered as an insufficient dosage, then the users may stack it with other anabolic drugs. Anavar, Primobolan, SERMs, thyroid hormones, HGH are other solid options for stacking with Winstrol.

Winstrol administration:

The half-life of oral Winni is 9 hours whereas for Winni injection 24 hours. Usually, users split the oral Winstrol doses into two sessions whereas Winstrol injection is administered every single day. But still, some users use injections on alternative days.